Words I enjoy and why I like them

In my last post, I made a list of the 10 words and phrases I hate the most.  It wasn’t necessarily a list of the words I hate: it was more so words I hate and words I dislike in certain situations.  After writing it, I realized I should share something positive on the subject, so here’s a list the words I like the most.  Again, there’s not particular order to this list except for number one.  Let’s do this!

  1. De La Rosa.  You can call this a cheat or a cop-out if you’d like, but this is my list, so you can shut up.  It’s not really a word as you can see.  It’s technically three words put together to create my last name.  It’s number one on my list because it’s so elegant, and when said correctly, it sounds so beautiful.  Growing up, I had so many people just say my name in a Spanish accent because they too saw heard and saw the beauty in it.  And when I sign it, it looks so elegant!
  2. Nyctophilia.  This word means the preference for night or dark.  I chose this word because it helps to describe me: I enjoy the night and darkness mostly because of the peace and quiet and brings.  Also, I like this word because it sounds naughty.
  3. Onomatopoeia.  When I was in school, I had encountered this word a number of times.  It intimated me because of the number of vowels in it and because it looked difficult.  Then one day, my teacher handed out a list of words for that week’s spelling test.  On that list was the word onomatopoeia.  I was worried because I didn’t think I could master it.  The day of the test, I finally figured out that the word may seem intimidating, but I could make it phonetic to help me out.  I totally aced that test.  Since then, I’ve looked at the word as a beautiful tragedy: a word that was unnecessarily long but wonderfully challenging.
  4. Voluptuous.  My weakness when it comes to words is a long, vowel-filled, phonetic word, which voluptuous is.  Aside from the phoneticism of the word, there’s also a sort of sexiness that comes along with the word, regardless of the definition.  It just rolls of the tongue.
  5. Macabre.  I enjoy this word because I enjoy writing styles that demonstrate this characteristic.  I prefer horror, thriller, and crime novels, and those genres greatly exemplify this.  When I think or say this word, I hear the song “Danse Macabre” playing while skeletons rise from graves and dance in the cemetery.  A ghastly sight, I know, but there’s something interesting about it.  That, and this is one of the few instances that I like a word for the fact that it’s not phonetic.
  6. Metamorphosis.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed the trend quite yet, but I prefer words that are longer and complicated.  This is no different.  Well, it’s not complicated, but it definitely is longer.  One of my favorite literary works is The Metamorphoses by Ovid.  It’s an umbrella composed of several different poems that have one common theme: change.  A synonym for change, if you’re wanting to get fancy, is metamorphosis.
  7. Necessarily.  This isn’t actually a favorite word, but I do use it a lot.  For example, I didn’t want to use actually in the previous sentence.  Instead, I wanted to use necessarily.  I’m not sure why I tend to turn to this word, but it could be that I’m comfortable with it, and I come across many situations that allow for my use of the word.
  8. Definitely.  Again, like necessarily, this isn’t a favorite word, but I use it a lot.  I just guess I’m a definitive person, so I use the best word that says just that.
  9. Eloquent.  To me, the best compliment you can give anyone is to compliment them for their eloquence, for being able to articulate their thoughts.  More points for being verbally persuasive with their verbiage.
  10. Fuck.  Remember that video from the early stages of YouTube?  
    Yeah, that one.  To summarize, fuck is a very diverse and adaptable word to be used in any manner of conversation.  Its versatility allows it to be used as a noun, verb, or adjective allowing the user to create an entire sentence with just a handful of words. It can be used to express a variety of different thoughts and emotions.  In the words of Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star, it’s a sentence enhancer.



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