A letter to the man in the white truck that almost caused an accident

Dear Shit Stain,

I want to say thank you for pulling out in front of my car in the middle of Garden of the Gods Road, which is the busiest, most dangerous road in Colorado Springs, especially at lunchtime.  Thank you for allowing me to test the durability of my brakes on my 2015 Jeep Renegade: they passed the Asshole Driver Test.  Thank you for staying in the way of my lane until a gap opened large enough for you to turn into that gas station you were in such a hurry to get to.  Thank you for renewing the faith I had in myself as an attentive driver.  Thank you for helping me to lose what little hope I had for the Colorado driver.  Thank you for taking up a good portion of my lunch bitching about shitty drivers.  Thank you for scaring myself and my pregnant friend who was the passenger in my car.  Thank you for causing a traffic jam for all the other people on the road that could have actually been in a real hurry.

But seriously, thank you for not killing me today.

Monika De La Rosa, an angry driver


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